kew gardens 50p piedfort

Piedfort Coins eBay UK

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Piedfort British Coins For Sale Right Now on eBay

eBay Coin Buyer Checklist

  • Is it in the original packaging? Due to their high value, these coins are usually in presentation boxes and coin capsules.
  • Does it include the COA? see below for more details on the COA. Check the COA has the correct wording and it is not a normal proof coin
  • Is the Seller quoting the correct weight for the coin in their listing? it should be double the normal coin
  • Read the Listing Tile AND Description, the description often has more details that may be important to your buying decision
  • Check the eBay Seller Ranking, is it at or near 100%?
  • Is the coin milky or spotted? Condition affects value
  • What are similar coins selling for?
  • Is it a coin taken from an original coin set?
  • If you are not sure the coin is good, do be afraid to walk away! Piedfort coins are listed for sale daily on eBay
  • Check Return Conditions and don’t be slow to contact the Seller if the coin has issues once you receive it