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Australia: 1991 $10 Jabiru Piedfort, 1.19oz Silver Melbourne Coin Fair Issue

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 54 minutes 44 seconds

Current Price: AUD64.99

1986 UK £1 One Pound Silver Proof Piedfort Coin

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 1 hour 59 minutes 46 seconds

Current Price: AUD59.99

Israel 1989 - 41st Anniv., Official Piedfort Mint Set - Set Of 5 Coins In Folder

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 4 hours 3 minutes 38 seconds

Current Price: $30.00

2020 James Bond 007 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin Limited Edition PIEDFORT

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 7 hours 41 minutes 43 seconds

Current Price: $174.99

2017 Canada $25 Piedfort Timeless Icons Beaver - Fine Silver Coin #coinsofcanada

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 9 hours 22 minutes 30 seconds

Current Price: CAD159.99

Afghanistan 1996 World Of Adventure 500 Afghani Piedfort Silver Coin,Proof

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 9 hours 45 minutes

Current Price: $118.68

2019 2 Oz Silver Australian Piedfort Koala Perth Mint BU Next Generation

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 10 hours 33 minutes 34 seconds

Current Price: $96.45

AUSTRALIA - Jabiru Stork - 10 Dollars 1991 - KM-PS3 - Piedfort Proof Silver Coin

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 10 hours 42 minutes 25 seconds

Current Price: $75.00

2000 $10 Singapore 2 Oz. Silver Piedfort Lunar Year Of The Dragon Coin

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 11 hours 3 minutes 18 seconds

Current Price: $128.00

Old World 925 SILVER Proof Coin CANADA 2 Dollars Polar Bear 1996 Piedfort (177)

Bids: 5
Timeleft: 12 hours 4 minutes 52 seconds

Current Price: $7.09

1979 French Polynesia 50 Francs Piedfort Silver Coin Rare 250pc Mintage

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 16 hours 40 minutes 7 seconds

Current Price: AUD888.00

Seychelles 1983 Fisheries Conference Piedfort Silver Coin,Proof

Bids: 0
Timeleft: 23 hours 32 minutes 17 seconds

Current Price: $202.40
Prices shown here may not be final, check eBay for final selling price plus any applicable tax, import or shipping charges. These are not our products for sale. Please check all details directly with the eBay seller before committing to any purchase.

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eBay Coin Buyer Checklist

  • Is it in the original packaging? Due to their high value, these coins are usually in presentation boxes and coin capsules.
  • Does it include the Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?
    • Check the COA has the correct wording and it is not a normal proof coin
  • Is the Seller quoting the correct weight for the coin in their listing? (it should be double the normal coin)
  • Read the Listing Tile AND Description, the description often has more details that may be important to your buying decision
  • Check the eBay Seller Ranking, is it at or near 100%?
  • Is the coin milky or spotted? Condition affects value
  • What are similar coins selling for?
  • Is it a coin taken from an original coin set?
  • If you are not sure the coin is good, do be afraid to walk away! Piedfort coins are listed for sale daily on eBay
  • Check Return Conditions and don’t be slow to contact the Seller if the coin has issues once you receive it